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Matrix East, PLLC is a full service surveying firm licensed in and serving all of North Carolina.  Our portfolio consists of a variety of large, mid-size and small projects throughout the State.

With combined licensed experience of more than 25 years and combined employee experience of more than 85 years, Matrix East, PLLC is committed to providing our clientele with impeccable and detailed customer service along with what we believe is the best product offered in our industry.  We strive to keep honesty and practicality at the forefront of all we do. 

Our competitive edge comes from our experienced approach in getting the product to you, the client.  Initial understanding what the client is trying to achieve while communicating with the client throughout the project alleviates a large majority of issues on any project.

Matrix East is a pre-qualified Subcontractor with the NC Department of Transportation and certified Small Business Enterprise (SBE). Please give us a call 252-522-2500 of email us